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Business in today's international marketing environment requires contacts and associations around the world. We offer a variety of consulting, tax, assurance and bookkeeping solutions in Canada, India, China and around the world. With contacts in New Delhi, India and other countries, we have the expertise and the means to address the important issues facing your business.

Set-up business in Canada or outside Canada

We can help:

  • Companies investing, setting up, raising capital or operating in Canada
  • Canadian companies investing or expanding outside Canada
  • Companies wishing to understand the impact of doing business outside Canada

We can assist you with:

  • How to do business in Canada/outside Canada, including strategic options and market entry analysis
  • Choosing the most efficient vehicle for doing business in Canada/outside Canada
  • Registration and filing requirements
  • Corporate finance services, including:
    • Due diligence
    • Valuation
    • Tax structuring
    • Post-deal integration
  • Tax compliance and optimization
  • Transfer pricing issues and documentation
  • Financial reporting advisory and compliance, including audit and assurance services
  • Risk and regulatory matters
  • Business reviews and performance improvement

Other services

  • Maintain books of accounts in Canada
  • Management reports including regular financial statements
  • Internal audit
  • Hiring of appropriate personnel to manage the business operations

In a nutshell we are here to help you with all your business needs in Canada or outside Canada.